Help Desk/Technical Support

We understand that everyone is not on the same skill level and some need more assistance than others.  This does not reflect on the user’s capabilities, the software is the tool that helps make your job more efficient and easy but it can be intimidating without the right support.

We have your back. You can reach us with online chats, quick email responses, or even speak to a real person on the telephone!!  We will provide you with online manuals, and “how to” guides.

We believe that our tech support technicians should be like the Maytag repairman, always there in case you need them. We have created a product that is simple and intuitively easy to learn and use, however we value your feedback so that we can improve how you use the product.


Training & Consulting

Our trainers are not just computer techs that sit in their shop creating the next best thing. We work with you to assist your staff and it is our goal to speak in use and method terms that are intended to conform to your needs and standards.  We won’t quit until we have solved the challenge.

We typically start with a visit to your site for some intensive, focused training and then a day later or so when you can’t decipher the notes you took, we will be there by web conference, online chat, “how to” tutorials, and good ole fashioned paper manuals if desired.

We also provide self-guided online training program that will allow you to bring on new employees, transfers, or just a refresher.

Installation, Setup & Hardware

We understand that not all I.T. departments are faced with multiple demands at any given time and your request will likely have to get in the wait line.

Consider us your more immediate I.T. resource! We can set up your entire system from conception, to planning, implementation and day-to-day use. In addition, if you need it, we can provide devices from quality tablets, laptops, desktops and everything else imaginable to make your system top notch.


Customized Programming

Though we are pretty sure that we have everything included in our system that you will need, you may want some special forms or fields added to your suite of software.

We can customize to achieve an exact fit to meet your needs. There is an additional cost to this however we insist that we work with you to develop a scope of work and pricing prior to any customization. This way you only pay for what you need.

Our commitment to you is that you will never run into any hidden costs!