Criminal Justice Support Modules

Create Seamless Integration and Data Flow

Probation & Parole

This module helps track the basic supervision needs of individuals that are deemed appropriate to interact within the community.  Precise, timely tracking of individuals on probation can mean the difference between wellness and recidivism; between community safety and tragedy; between family unity and broken homes.

Real-time and relevant information is accounted for in this module which helps your court to create a safety net for those  you serve until they can stand by themselves.  


Sex/Violent Offender Monitoring

Tribal Connect recognizes the sense of duty that tribes have in ensuring the safety that they shoulder in maintaining the well-being of their people balanced with efficient, accurate and real-time tracking of violent/sexual offenders.

Tribal Connect significantly furthers that goal by providing the format and structure to ensure strict supervision while still integrating the offender back into the community.  

Drug Testing

Essential to the foundation of a successful episode of supervision is remaining abstinent from substances and alcohol.  The software works in tandem with your drug testing protocols to organize and track results from scheduled or random drug testing.

When combined with other products, testing results can be available in real-time to all relevant and approved stakeholders ensuring that a coordinated and timely intervention can be planned and implemented.


Prosecution & Defense

Depending on the depth that you wish to pursue cutting edge connectivity and maximum efficiency, Tribal Connect offers an opportunity to streamline protocols by adding your prosecution and defense teams. This option is especially efficient if you contract with off reservation lawyers and struggle with court calendars and weather.

Imagine e-filing discovery or motions.  Evidence can be available on a case level after being scanned into the electronic file.  Your imagination and desires are the only limits.

Jail Management

Managing a detention facility is a very involved process but Tribal Connect breaks it into simple categories and leaves out the unnecessary “extras.”

Very simply put, your court will have a connection to a system that allows the free-flow of inmate and case data to and from your court to the facility.  The detention facility will have a program to track intake/discharge, location of inmates, scheduling/calendar, property, visitation and case/incident management recording and useful, relevant data reporting.