Court Management

Manage Your Tribal Justice System

Tribal Connect is dedicated to ensuring that the mechanics of your court is simple, that you can focus on the administration of  consistent tribal justice.  We have everything to operate your court including:

  • All of our modules not only feature real-time access to the data you need but simple and printable court forms which allow your staff to transition into the new software with little effort and far less of a learning curve than our competitors.
  • The court management modules provide your agency with all the tools to operate a efficient and effective justice system.  
  • All modules include scheduling calendar sections that allow you to organize by judge, courtroom, day of the week, or by court function.
  • Easy to find active/inactive defendants, plaintiffs, cases and move between them with ease.  Caseloads can be organized by clerk or judge for each staff member to easily access and move between cases.  
  • Our Resources section allows staff and judges to create custom links to references on the web i.e. state or federal codes, local electronic copies of tribal code, or any relevant document to which you may need instant access.  
  • Tribal Connect understands the importance of gathering data and our software not only gathers the crucial data you need but organizes it into a clean and functional report for your funding or supervising agencies
  • Finally, we offer a simple accounting system which manages fines, restitution, bonds and other income from judgments.

A demonstration of our product is the best way to see how these functions will make your court operate efficiently, accurately and effectively.



Criminal Court: Adult

Our Criminal Court module prepares your Tribal Court to handle justice in the way you see fit while complying with any external requirements that may apply in regards to your supervising federal agencies.

  • Easily move individuals through the system and quickly access information about where they are at any point in the Tribal Justice continuum.  
  • Features include:
    • Quick access to criminal histories
    • Simplified intake that takes a fraction of the time of our closest competitors.
    • Ability to enter misdemeanor crimes for individuals to post bond or quick payment (Quick Defendant Feature),
    • Ability to split/combine charges in just a few clicks,  
    • Assemble juries including creating a jury pool and notifying candidates,
    • Upload external documents, evidentiary documents and photos,
    • Easily track warrants, current/expired protection orders, accept payments for fines/restitution, track balances, handle bonds (either bondsman or cash) and much more.  

A quick demo will allow you to see how we packed so many goodies in an incredibly simple but feature rich program.  

Criminal Court: Juvenile

The Juvenile Court Module contains all the features of the Adult Module but takes into the account the special circumstances that exist in helping our next generation receive the assistance they need.

If we can remove the burden of cumbersome software, outdated software applications, and excessive paperwork then the focus on restoring the youth’s connection to family, culture and the community, which we all are striving to accomplish can be paramount.


Civil Court: Adult

The Civil Court Module has all the relevant features of the Criminal Court Module. We address the uniqueness of your Tribal Court by adding the specific civil features in a simple and printable format that will replace unnecessary forms.


  • Easily track defendants and plaintiffs over an unlimited amount of cases.
  • Follow easily through the course of filed motions, findings and exhibits while recording the conclusions of law and rendering a judgment with a clear and simple flow.
  • As with all of our court modules, define all calendars clearly, assemble juries, issue warrants and collect payments.

We believe that the software should not define or change the focus of what is most important to resolving civil issues in you jurisdiction.

Civil Court: Juvenile

Juvenile Civil Court Module software should not distract from the primary purpose of caring for the next generation. Juvenile court cases present some of the most difficult, comprehensive and sensitive issues regarding custody, parental disputes, and general welfare of the child, therefore, your software should match the need.

Tribal Connect simplifies the mechanics so the court staff can focus on providing the most effective solution that is in the best interest of the child.
Please consider a demonstration of Tribal Connect that will allow you to see just how simple we make a complex process.


Wellness Court

All though each module can operate independently, Tribal Connect shines the brightest when it can provide a holistic approach to Tribal Justice and more importantly to the welfare of the whole family by utilizing the available modules.

We have options for the court to consider when needing to communicate with the providers and other criminal justice support agencies, whether they are connected with the Tribal Court or not.

Traditional Court (In Development)

The Traditional Court Module dedicated to serve each tribe’s individual nature.  The Traditional Court module is your opportunity create your own success stories using data driven content.  When you create your own success stories then you can begin to find funding and your diligence will create new policy with your funding agencies.