Behavioral Health Modules

Connection to Behavioral Services

Tribal Connect’s suite of practice management programs provides agencies with the tools to effectively manage those served and create an integrated episode of service that flows evenly from intake to discharge.

Most importantly, we understand what funding agencies require for documentation which may be crucial to keeping agencies in good financial health.

Behavioral Health Modules feature:

  • Easy to use graphic interfaces that flow in an user-friendly manner with any needed bit of information within three clicks of your mouse.
  • Ability to organize clients into groups by level of care, gender, referent and easily make group notes and track attendance.
  • Ability to organize clients by clinician and make progress notes efficiently while tracking type of encounter, length, frequency and even if not attended and reasons why.
  • Track individuals progress from intake, to evaluation, placement, services, continued reviews and discharge and record your sound clinical judgement.
  • Create and edit change plans from intake until discharge in real time.  Easily alter plans to reflect life changes and adversity as the individual navigates services.
  • Create and edit professional, clinical reports that clearly represent the client’s issues and define your professional recommendations.
  • Generate relevant clinical reports that offer the information that assists in providing validity to your practice as well as produces reliable data that will show your effectiveness to your Tribal Council and supervising/funding federal agencies.
  • Effectively monitor Client progress after discharge to verify treatment effectiveness and lend to program enhancements to increase program efficacy.

Mental Health Counseling (In Development)

Mental health evaluation and clinical work provides an invaluable tool for Tribal Courts to measure the chance of success and plan for variables in community reintegration.

The Mental Health module supplies clinicians with a framework to manage the mechanics of their practice so they are able to focus on clinical technique and resolution while the court gains valuable insights into their participants, tracks activities, and receives professional advice to create an positive and restorative environment for their participants.

Chemical Dependency (In Development)

As one of the primary indicators of successful reentry, this module assists chemical dependency agencies in managing, motivating and providing a clear and fluid path through the initial phases of recovery.

This module provides the Tribal Court with timely evaluations, continued cases reviews, attendance and participation records as well as ongoing placement and level of care recommendations.


School Counseling (In Development)

An essential indicator of successful reintegration is appropriate behavior and adequate school performance as an indicator for the court to assess progress of its juvenile participants.

This module provides the school counselors with all the essential tools to maintain an efficient and effective practice within Tribal schools and provide the court with primary data on progress and markers indicating reduced chances of recidivism or successful re-entry.

Women's Shelter/Transitional Living/Group Home (In Development)

This module provides a complete structure for facilities that provide transitional living services including case management, change plans, appropriate documentation, incident reporting and property management.

The Tribal Court gains the ability to measure external living skills and gauge reentry success on a practical level.